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07.03.07 Several updates were made in commemoration of Emancipation Day.

10.06.07 A new photo gallery has been added. It follows a tour that commemorates the Coal Laborer protest of Sept. 12, 1892.

12.24.07 I've started adding a recipe section to the culture page. I'll be slowly updating and adding links to it.

03.03.08 March is Virgin Islands History Month!

05.31.09 Thanks to my friends at WTJX for pointing out that Melvin Evans was not only the first elected Governor of the US Virgin Islands but also the last appointed.

06.21.09 With the end of the current Constitutional Convention process, the Constitution section has been removed from the site. New (sort of) to the site are the VI History Wiki (still in development and open for your edits) and my Blog (which has actually been up for some time but not linked until now. Enjoy!

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