Danish Street Names

Despite the transfer of the Vigin Islands to the United States of America, many streets have retained their Danish names. Here is a list of Danish street names with their translations


Adel Gade Nobility Street
Bjerge Gade Hill Street
Borger Gade Burger or Citizen Street
Brand Gade Fire or Fire Burn Street
Brond Straede Well Alley
Canal Gade Canal Street
Dronnigens Gade Queen's Street
Fortet's Straede Fortress Alley
Gasvaerksvej The General's Street
Gamble Gade Old Street
Gaase Gade Goose Street
Gutter's Gade Gulley Street
Haabet's Gade Hope Street
Jeppe's Gang Jappe's Walk
Jode Gade The Jew's Street
Kirkestraede Church Alley/Lane
Kongen's Gade King Street
Kronprindsensgade The Crown Prince's Street
Levkoj Straede Stock Rose Street/Lane
Laerkgade Lark Street
Ny or Nye Gade New Street
Nordsidevej North Side Street
Norre Gade North Street
Prindesens Gade Princess Street
Pile Straede Arrolow Lane
Regjerings Gade Government's Street
Raadet's Gade Council's Street
Silke Gade Silk Street
Snegal Gade Snail Street
Spaniol Straede Spanish Lane
Skov Gade Forest Street
Smalle Straede Narrow Alley
Stone Ivaergade Great Tower Street
Toldbod Gade Custom's Street
Torvestraede Market Street
Trompeter Gade Trompeteer Street
Ulke Gade West Street
Vester Gade West Street
Vimmelskaftet Long and Winding Narrow Lane

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